Book 1: The Dragonfly Hunter

Jabu is well past the age when he should have set free his dragonflies and become the proper apprentice to his father, the royal falconer. Jabu’s oddness becomes target of suspicions; his dragonflies are declared tools of wickedness. He runs away, becoming lost in the realm of the dreaded marsh imps who he discovers are scheming with the shadow-weaver, Tyz-mana, to nab the life-sustaining fire-orb, Asonay. With only the help of a one-legged recluse and an ornery dragonfly, Jabu must traverse a valley rife with peril to try to make it home and raise warning before it’s too late.

Book 2: Ssenjer and the Satii

Reviving from a long fall, Jabu finds himself traumatized and half-drowned in a place called The Steps: a realm of colossal ruins beneath the mountains inhabited by warring inherents. How did he get there? Desperate to find his way out again, he enlists the help of Ssenjer, a boy divided into two bickering selves, and Qen’aam, a warder whose severe training has made her tenacious – and remote. Can these young misfits get along and help each other navigate the brutal dangers of The Steps to find a way out? And if Jabu does get out, is he prepared to confront the awful truth that drove him in?

Book 3: The Asonay Thieves

Our three misfits all set off on their own: Qen’aam heads across a frozen wasteland to capture the maniacal schemer, Behei; meanwhile, Ssenjer is inhabited by a mysterious cloud-being who drives him on a perilous hunt; and Jabu, finally remembering the horror that drove him into The Steps, strives to set all aright. The three soon realize they are but pawns in a larger struggle roiling around Asonay. The survival of everyone within and without The Steps depends upon their ability to shunt off the manipulating forces sweeping all into conflict. But how to know who to trust when you can’t even trust yourself?